Four years ago I started the Money Pincher Blog (www.savvymoneypincher.com) to document my journey in saving my first $10,0000.  I stopped blogging completely two years ago due to the many life events that happened: Mom passed away, I got married, Dad passed away, I finished my second degree.   Guess what! I survived all that ups and downs.  Trust me, it was like a roller coaster ride.

Four years ago, I was struggling to save $10,000.   Now, due to the death of my parents, I will be inheriting a portion of a piece of real estate, some money in the bank and a crap load of “stuff” that is still sitting in their home.    I say “I will be” inheriting because the estate is not settled yet.

It was pretty hard finding information dealing with estates, especially when you are in your late 20s / early 30s.  I hope my blog can provide some insights to those who are going through or went through the same journey as I did.

Though I have started the Money Pincher blog as a personal finance blog, due to all the things I have experienced the past two years, I would also be blogging about issues surrounding mental health illness, taking care of someone terminally ill, and estate planning, as well as things that happen in life generally.

Can’t wait to get started again! 😀

Money Pincher ~








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