Going back…. 2012 to 2013

Has it been that long? 2012?  Things have changed quite quite a bit since I blogged in 2012.   I believe my last post was about an update of my Garden, which my the way, did not change much.

Let see….

Since 2012, I have

Changed my job.  I am in a much more stable position now where my hours are pretty much set.   I am earning 55% more than my previous job with great benefits and a pension.    It’s pretty much a dream job since I also get to work 4 days a week in the summer.   It’s a wonderful place, but it could use a bit more excitement.

Gone back to school to finish off a degree that is related to my job (yes, my second bachelor degree).  More to come on this topic!

Wedding Planning: Spent majority of 2012 – 2013 planning my wedding.  Ended up spending about $20K at the end of the day.   To be honest, I didn’t go out of my way to save for the wedding, it turned out to be around the amount that we were looking to spend, so we are quite happy that it all turned out well! 😀

Dad passed away a couple months after my wedding.  It was a shock to us as we did not see it coming at all.   We are still in the midst of trying to sort everything out.   I am sure lots of interesting post will be coming out when we start dealing with all the household contents as well as the house itself!


That’s pretty much what happened the time I was away from blogging and I pretty much need to get my finances back in ORDER (all eggs in order)! I have been really really bad with money lately.  Until next post!

~ Money Pincher ~


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