I just realized I got shortchanged 10 cents!

I was paying for my lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant (cash only) that cost $7.89 (pain of not packing my lunch) with a $10 bill.  I received $2.00 back.    I stared at the $2.00 coin for a moment and thought to myself, oh it’s the penny thing, she must have rounded up.

Once I got my food and left the restaurant, I realized, she shortchanged me by 10 cents!  I wasn’t planning on tipping her because it was a take out, or maybe she just assumed I didn’t want any extra change?   It is still not right for her to shortchange people.  Let say there are 50 people that got shortchanged 10 cents each day for a month (it is a busy restaurant), that is an extra $150.00 for the restaurant or for the person who was collecting money at the till!

Would you have gone back to ask for that 10 cents back?




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