2014: The Past, Present and Future


I spent my first half of 2014:

  1.   Studying (took 3 courses to finish my degree);

  2.   Finished one of the tasks that my father was working on before he passed away;

  3.   Neglected my finances (went crazy shopping – will be posting what I bought);

4 .  Neglected my exercise routine: jogging & badminton (gained 5 pounds since October 2013);

I know my husband and I have been married for a year and I have gained a little bit of weight.  I finally met up with a group of friends that my husband and I haven’t seen  since Christmas this past week and at least 3 different people came up to me and asked if I was pregnant. WAHH??? Is it really that noticeable that I have gained that much weight such that I looked pregnant?!?!  Or if they were just  curious to see if we are trying for a baby yet, just ask me if we are “trying”, and not ask me if I am pregnant or not.  Not. Happy. At. All.

  1.  Stopped teaching piano due to my hectic schedule;

  2.  Traveled to South Korea and Hong Kong as our honeymoon (we were suppose to go to Hong Kong and Singapore in November 2013, but my father passed away a couple days before our trip, so we cancelled it – will be posting on the importance of travel insurance!).

  3.  Traveled to Las Vegas twice this year (yes, twice) and drove to Utah on our second trip.

  4.  That’s pretty much much it.  Now that I think about, it was a pretty full schedule.  I think I’ve just been running on steam the past year.

Now that school is done and we have finished ONE of the tasks that my father was working on, I can sort of take a breather and get my schedule back to pre-schooling days!


Here is my semi-annual goals for the rest of 2014:

  1.  Save $1000 a month between August to December = +$5000.

  2.  Start contacting my students again to see if they want to continue piano in September.  I don’t mind the extra $150- $200 income a month (pretty much my shopping money for clothes)

  3.  I stopped ALL teaching since April because I was taking summer course (which is usually a 3 month course, crammed into 7 weeks).

4.  Start exercising at least 3 times a week to lose that extra 5 pounds (jog, driving range, or roller blading)

I use to be really active: 20 minutes jog around seawall after work then I will go to the driving range with my husband (boyfriend back then) all in one evening and we usually do this at least twice a week.   This was when we were living in a condo in downtown.  Once we moved out to the suburbs into a house (that’s the only way we can afford a house in the lower mainland), we spend a majority of our time around the house: mow the lawn, clean house, patching this and patching that, so it really doesn’t leave us much time after work to do much.

  1.  Start cleaning out my parent’s house so we can start renovating it in December and hopefully get two renters in it by spring. Right now, it is just a big big money pit!

  2.  Start selling things that I don’t need – I just cleared out my bookshelves (I started buying ebooks now) and I am  debating if I should sell the books or just donate it.

  3.  Decide what I want to do next:  I have two programs in mind that I have to choose between and I need to think what I really really want to do.

That is the bulk of my goals until the end of 2014!


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