August 2014 Goals


I am very excited to get back to setting up goals for myself!  Though I have set some goals for the rest of 2014,  I still want to set some monthly goals (baby steps!).

This month will be quite a busy month:

  1. I will be heading up to Manning Park twice  to “cabin” with a group of friends (17 of us – sharing a 2 bed/ 2 bath cabin)  and with another group of friends (7 of us – sharing a 1 bed / 1 bath cabin) on another weekend.
  2. I will also be heading up to Alice Lake to camp another weekend
  3. I will have to attend a bridal shower – luckily I already bought the gift for the bride while I was travelling in Korea and I will be chipping in another $12.50 with another friend to addd a $25 gift card on top of what I bought for her.
  4. I have a wedding to attend to.

 Weddings are quite expensive for me.  I know this couple for a quite a while and last year at my wedding, as a gift, they gave me a gift of $250 cash.  Therefore, I have put aside $250 this month to give it to them as their wedding gift.   Daisy at add-vodka talked about the money she received on her wedding as wedding gift and how happy she was when she deposited the money in bank.  I had my wedding last year and I was very appreciative with all the cash gifts I received!

As for all the mini-trips I am taking, it will be pretty cheap due to the number of people that are going.

Good news is that there are 3 pay days this month! Yay!

Now onto my Goals this month:

  • Save 1.5 / 3 pay cheques
  • Exercise: Run at least 3 times a week and do lightweights 2 time a week
  • Contact my students to set up piano teaching time in September
  • Sell at least 3 items from my house (bags, books, clothes)
  • Consignment store: Research into consignment stores around Vancouver and try to bring the clothes I don’t wear to a consignment store and see if they will take it?  (I saw one today on Main Street, but I am not sure how that works, so I will need to ask)
  • Blog: Put more time into blogging: writing better content and setting up my blog

There! These seems to be attainable goals.

One great thing that happened to me in 2014: I was able to cut out caffeine completely since April 2014 after a heart palpitation scare.  I guess I was drinking so much caffeine, my heart was beating irregularly – which was very uncomfortable and scary.

~ The Money Pincher ~


2 thoughts on “August 2014 Goals

  1. Wow you can save 50% of your income, that’s amazing! 😀 Consignment stores usually take a commission based on total sales. Some start as high as 40% but if they manage to sell your stuff for over $500, for example, then their commission drops to 25% or lower. Optionally you can call them first to ask if they would take your clothes before bringing it to them for the estimation.


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