My Birthday Freebies in Vancouver


It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I did my due diligence to try to look up for all the birthday freebies.   This year, I have received freebies from:

1. Sephora: I received this cute little Make Up For Ever sample packet.  I loved my gift from last year (Fresh Sugar Mini Lip Duo) and  tried asking if they still have it.  Sadly, they don’t carry that promotion anymore.


2. Denny’s:  Yes! I went to have my birthday Grand Slam as my dinner with my husband!  (Our birthdays are very close together so we tend to pick a non-birthday night for a dinner out to celebrate both our birthdays).


3. Red Robins:  Free Burger for your birthday.   I signed up on their email list on my birthday and waited… and waited… to receive my coupon.  I didn’t get the coupon on my birthday but I got it on the next day and the coupon was good for 3 weeks!


4. Starbucks:  I registered my Starbucks card so I can go in to grab my free drink anytime 1 month after my birthday month! 😀


These are the 4 items I received for my birthday.  I heard that Spaghetti Factory use to have a free birthday meal so I called them up to see if they have this offer.  Sadly, they don’t but they did offer to give Spumoni ice-cream for the birthday boy / girl!

Do you grab any freebies for your birthday?  If so, where do you go? 


~The Money Pincher ~


5 thoughts on “My Birthday Freebies in Vancouver

  1. Wow, I did not know so many places give out birthday freebies.

    The only place that I’m aware of is IHOP, who give away free cake and ice cream.



      • Well I didn’t even know about the birthday “meal”. 🙂 I’m from Georgia so it must be that whole “only at participating locations” thing. Learned something new.



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