Money and Dust Bunnies


I was getting out of bed one morning when I noticed a dust bunny on the floor (we have laminate flooring throughout the house). I swear I just vacuumed a couple days ago when I saw dust bunnies on the floor.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if our money grows and shows up like dust bunnies around the house?!

To me, money is like a dust bunny.

I know people always refer saving money as “squirrelling money away while you can”, but now I like to see my money as dust bunnies.  If we work, we have money around us everywhere, it’s just a matter of recognizing and acknowledging that it is there!    If we recognize and acknowledge that it is there, we will make an effort to pick it up and throw into our savings account or shove it into a place where we don’t touch it.   This is like the way we pick up the dust bunnies that shows up around the house and we’d throw it into the garbage can, vacuum it up or shove it under our bed where it is not noticeable.

Similarly, if we start shovelling money into our savings account ($5, 10 or $25) regularly, it will eventually grow and turn into one big dust bunny without us even noticing it!

Essentially what we are doing when we save money is like what we do with dust bunnies. When money shows up unexpectedly, we use a vacuum (our savings account) to suck the money into our savings or investing account and watch it grow into a bigger dust bunny:


What is money like to you?  

~The Money Pincher ~


4 thoughts on “Money and Dust Bunnies

  1. I kind of love this analogy. I like to think of my money spawning its own little dust bunnies of money if I set it up right; I get excited whenever my investments throw off some gains/income. The whole point is obviously a HUGE ball of money fluff 🙂


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