Bras… extra expense for women

Yes, this post is for the ladies, but gentlemen who would like to know how much women spends on average for bras every year can read on if you want 🙂

I have a total of 13 bras that cost me $510.16!  I would say I replace my bras at least once a year, except for the strapless, bandeau, feather-life and the bombshell bra as I only wear them when I need to wear a tube top or a backless dress.

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Wow! $510 bucks on bras!  I am actually quite surprised at the cost!  A cost that men would probably never need to include into their budget.  Hmm.. maybe it is worth a post on the cost of being a woman!

I have only bought bras from Victoria Secret, La Senza and Change.    I switched from La Senza to Victoria Secret after La Senza was bought out by Victoria Secret because their styles seemed to have changed to more a more “blinged up” look.  Last year I tried switching to Change, but I didn’t find their fit very comfortable.

I have been wearing the Victoria T-shirt bras for a while, but it seems like they feel great for the first 6 months.  After 6 months, it just doesn’t feel the same, it’s just uncomfortable.  I haven’t gained enough weight to go up a size (I checked by going in for a fitting and also trying on bigger sized bras and they all felt “too big” on me).    I do wash it my bras in a delicate wash bag and I never put them into the dryer.

I have been thinking of switching to another line of Victoria Secret bras: Body by Victoria Secret, but they cost $42.50 – $52.50 per bra instead of $49.50 for 2 bras (T-shirt bras).  I am  still humming and hawing over the price.   If I were to buy the Body by Victoria Secret, I will need to buy at least 4 bras every year, which would cost about $200 – $250 a year!  Which doesn’t sound that bad considering I wear a bra 365 days a year and comfort is the key!

How much do you spend a year on bras?  

Is it worth buying more expensive bras or are cheapie ones just as good?  Any recommendations? 

How often do you replace your bras?

~The Money Pincher ~





7 thoughts on “Bras… extra expense for women

  1. I am SO glad to be flat chested. I can buy cheap bras while my bustier friends spend at least $50 per bra, if not more. I currently own 1 padded, 2 tshirt and one more I’d call low profile – not as hardy as my tshirt bras and less bulky but also a bit more delicate and comfortable. And I probably only replace every few years…


  2. I spend about $60-75 per bra and replace them whenever they don’t fit right anymore. That usually results in spending about $400/year on bras. It makes it really hard to spend “a reasonable” amount of money each year on clothing considering that I also buy a new pair of running shoes every 6 months, so just my basics clothing budget is really about $600/year.


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