Buy New or Used for Baby Things



A close friend of mine just recently got pregnant.  I went to look at some baby things with her and I was shocked…SHOCKED… at the cost of baby things such as strollers and cribs.   Boy, when I looked at those items, I swear, they are like the Transformers:

Look at how Bumblebee Transforms:


Bumblebee Transforms

Now look at how the crib transforms:


Stokke Sleepi Mini/Crib System I w/ Mattresses $1,199.99 from Amazon

 and the Stroller transforms:


Stokke® Xplory® $1,099.00 from Amazon

I think these are the higher end stuff for babies and I know there are cheaper version of strollers and cribs.   I am just shocked with the price tag.

Given the high price tag, I always want to find out if there is a “better deal” out there.  I went onto craigslist to see if people sell used cribs and strollers and they DO!

  • I found the same stroller, used, on craigslist selling for $500 – $700 CAD after a year of use.
  • I also found the crib, used, on craigslist selling for $600 CAD.

However, I am not sure if I want to buy a used stroller or crib for a newborn from strangers.  I would buy it off if I KNEW the parents / baby who used it beforehand.  That goes for the same for clothes.

I didn’t mention anything about used car seats because there are expiry dates to them and I think for safety reasons, I would buy brand new instead of used.

Would you buy new or used for your newborn? 

~The Money Pincher ~




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