My Clothing Inventory – Part I

It is really amazing how much my closet grew exponentially over the past two years.

I remember I did a post on my clothing inventory back in 2010 so I thought I could compare my back then wardrobe with my current wardrobe.


In 2010:  I had 9 Cardigans.   Today: I have a total of 29 cardigans.

Open CardiganCardigans

In 2010: I had 2 Black Blazers.  Today: I have 11 Blazers.

Blazers numbered

In 2010: I had 18 tank tops all together.  Today: I have 42 tank tops?!

Casual Tanks Camisole Tanks Long Tanks

In 2010: I had 13 blouses.   Today: I have 8 blouses.


In 2010: I had 30 various short sleeve tops.  Today: I have 49 short sleeve tops.

Casual T-Shirts Short Sleeve TShirt Dressy Tanks

In 2010: I had 6 sweater vests.  Today: I have 4 vests.



In 2010: I had 4 dresses.  Today: I have a total of 32 dresses!!

Dresses Casual Desses Dressy Tube Top Dresses


In 2010: I had 10 pairs of jeans.  Today: I have 16 pairs of jeans.


In 2010: I had 6 pairs of work pants.  Today: I have 7 pairs of work pants.

Dress Pants

In 2010: I had no jeggings.  Today: I have 13 pairs of jeggings.


In 2010: I had 9 pairs of shorts all together. Today: I have 21 pairs of shorts.

Shorts Golf Shorts

In 2010: I had 1 other pair of “other pants”.  Today: I have 8 pairs of other pants.

Other Pants

In 2010: I had 14 skirts.  Today: I have 26 skirts.


Back in 2010, I had a total of 117 TOPS and 41 BOTTOMS and 4 DRESSES and it included my winter sweaters and hoodies!

Today, I already have: 143 TOPS and  91 BOTTOMS and 32 DRESSES!  This doesn’t even include my long sleeve shirts, workout tops, sweaters and hoodies! 

Good grief!  Do I wear all of it?  Mostly, but I could definitely see how my style has changed over the years.  For example, I use to wear a lot of blouses, I no longer do because it is not as comfortable and my work doesn’t require me to wear blouses anymore.  I only kept the blouses in case there is a situation where I need to wear it.

Another example are the Jeggings.  I use to never, ever, ever wear jeggings because I didn’t have a pair of boots to go with it.  I only started wearing them after I got orthopaedic shoes (covered by my benefits) and my chiropractor was nice enough to allow me to pick a pair of Ecco boots to go with it.

This is somewhat an eye opening exercise. It shows me how much I already have and that I really don’t need any more clothes!  Could I declutter and purge some of my clothes?  Absolutely.  

I have kept all these pictures on my iPhone so when I want to go shopping, I can remind myself that I already have enough to wear and I don’t NEED any more.

Do you take pictures of your clothes and keep them on your phone to remind yourself that you don’t need any more clothes?  

When was the last time you did a clothing inventory? 

~The Money Pincher ~

To be continued: Jackets, Winter and Workout Clothes


5 thoughts on “My Clothing Inventory – Part I

  1. I actually have individual pictures of what I own stored on my iPod Touch so that if I want to buy necklaces or whatever else, I look through my colour palette, think of what I could wear with each, etc.. and then choose. 🙂

    I LOVE THIS POST! But holy cow girl, you have a lot of clothes. Then again… who am I to say anything, maybe I have just as much. I should do a post O_o


    • Heh! I think I will take individual pictures of my clothes once I have scaled it back down!

      I find buying necklaces for outfits are tough when you don’t wear the top with it due to the neckline. Sometimes I ended up buying a necklace that is too long for the neckline or too short. 😦

      I sure wasn’t expecting that I had so much clothes when I started this inventory ~O__o~


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