TGIFRIDAY – Spreading the Love


I am pretty happy that it’s Friday this week and it’s the LONG WEEKEND!  This week sure went by FAST!   It also marks the end of the summer months 😦

Some great reads over the weekend:

I’m Back! And Here’s What’s Been Going On by Well Heeled Blog is back from her traveling to Japan and Europe

On Property:


Real Estate Investing: The First Renter  by  A Gai Shan Life

  • Since the option of being a landlord is still out there with my inherited property, it’s nice to read about what it’s like to have a renter and what to expect.

How to turn your home into a rental by Make Money Your Way

Investing in Commercial Property by Glen at  Monster Piggy Bank

  • Here Glen talks about risks and rewards of owning commercial property.  An extended family member owns a commercial property.  I think it all depends on the location.

On Money:


Why I am teaching my kids about money by not giving them any to begin with by Save Spend and Splurge

  • My parents never gave me an allowance and I wasn’t allowed to work until I finished high school.  The only money I get was from Chinese New Year (red packets) and it will last me the whole year.  Any clothes I need, my parents will buy for me at the beginning of the school year.  The husband on the other hand, got $20 for every A he got in school.  Like SSS, I am not sure if I would want to pay my kid money for good grades.

Back to Basics: Living on Salary Only, Forget the Bonus by Michelle at  Budget Bloggess

Easy Ways I’m Currently Saving $1,200 Each Month by Michelle at Making Sense of Cents

  • Ugh, I am trying to save $1000 a month and I am finding myself doing what Michelle did: eating out less and clearing out of pantry.  I am also trying to bring my lunch every day to work as well!

New Habits to Adopt in Order to Save Money by Jordann at  My Alternate Life

  • One of the things I did to save money was growing expensive items: basil, chard, kale, cherry tomatoes in the summer months.  My veggie bill is pretty low 😀



I’ve done a post on making Salmon, Quinoa, Fish Soup and Grilled Zuchinni – YUM!

Liquid Independence at Freedom Thirty Five did a post on Keen on Quinoa 

Asian Pear also posted recipes to make: Uttapams (with Leftover Cucumber Raita)  and Chana Masala and Cumcumber Raita



~ The Money Pincher~


4 thoughts on “TGIFRIDAY – Spreading the Love

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 You have a great long weekend too 😀 Next week is the official start of fall. If money did grow on trees, autumn would be the best season ever!


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