September 2014 Goals


This month will be a really busy month for me.  I am setting up a charity event at the end of October (side job) and it’s taking a lot of my time!  For this month, my goals will be quite simple:

  1. Save 25% of my income this month:  This may be tough, but doable as I have another wedding to attend this month and I will be gifting $500 cash.. Yup! That’s because it’s the same amount I received from this couple for my wedding last year.
  2. Exercise 3 times a week:  I was running 5 days a week last month and since the weather is getting worse, I think I can still put in 3 runs a week.
  3. No Buying: Any clothes, shoes or bags whatsoever this month.  I want to start a shopping ban, but I think easing it into month by month will be easier! 😀
  4. Clear out 1 room at my parent’s place.

Only two goals because I am pretty swamped at work and organizing the charity event.  I really don’t know where the time went!

I am keeping my goals super simple – hope I can attain them! 🙂

Any particular goal you want to reach in September? 

~ The Money Pincher ~


8 thoughts on “September 2014 Goals

  1. Good luck!

    My goals for this month are to:
    (1) Spend less than $2000 on expenses
    (2) Exercise three times a week
    (3) Eat out only once per week
    (4) Get my new trousers hemmed so I don’t look like a kid rummaging through my mother’s closet
    (5) Put out new blog posts every weekday this month


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