Update: August 2014 Budget and Goals

Goals Review

TOTAL NET WORTH:  + 5.54% 

Mutual Funds: + 2.6%

RRSP: + 2.8%

August percentage

There is a negative number in my Travel because I paid for the accommodations way back when I booked it  for one of my Manning Park trips this month and my friends paid me back this month.

As for Dining Out, I went out a couple nights with my sisters for dinner and that’s when I TOTALLY blew my budget.  We use to go out to a nice Chinese dinner once a month or every other month with my parents and we would order crab, lobster and other yummy food.  It has been a while since we did that after our parents passed away so we decided to go out to one of the Chinese restaurants we use to go and ordered Crab and Lobster.  Boy…. that meal really blew my budget, but we were full and content. Most importantly, it brought back many happy memories, so I guess it was worth it.

REVIEW: My August Goals:

  • Save 1.5 / 3 pay cheques – VERY CLOSE!  I save 44.5 % this month!  Not bad…. Though I could have saved MORE if I didn’t buy the bag and the clothes.
  • Exercise: Run at least 3 times a week and do lightweights 2 time a week – DONE! I actually ended up running 5 days a week! Woot Woot! And I lost 2 pounds! YAY!
  • Contact my students to set up piano teaching time in September – I am holding this off as I find that I don’t have any time after work or on the weekends to teach as I am still super busy organizing a charity event that will be at the end of October.
  • Sell at least 3 items from my house (bags, books, clothes) – FAILED: I sold only 1 item for $10.  I guess people don’t want to buy?
  • Consignment store: Research into consignment stores around Vancouver and try to bring the clothes I don’t wear to a consignment store and see if they will take it?  (I saw one today on Main Street, but I am not sure how that works, so I will need to ask) – FAILED: All the stuff I picked out were for the summer season.  I believe the Consignment stores are looking for fall / winter clothes now ~ Boo
  • Blog: Put more time into blogging: writing better content and setting up my blog – Work In progress 😀

Now that I’ve reviewed my goals, let’s review what I bought!

Spending Review:

I did end up buying a bag BECAUSE Holt Renfrew sent me this $100 gift card that says I can use it if I spend $300 or more.  What I SHOULD have done was throw the card away and not even look at it.   At least this is a very useful bag.  It is both a shoulder and crossbody bag.  It has 2 zippers on both side of the bag = a great place to put my keys and phones, so I can just use one hand to unzip the bag and retrieve it without digging through my purse.   *Yes, I do walk in the rain, so balancing a cup of coffee and a umbrella and trying to locate my keys and phone is a feat.


Sale: $228 Original $328

I also decided to go for a nice walk to South Granville and  I came upon Anthropologie. I haven’t been inside since it opened so I thought, what the heck, everything is pretty pricey so I won’t be buying anything anyway.   WRONG!  I walked in and saw the SALE section and found the following:

A nice bright coral color blazer to match all my black dresses


$49 is the Sale Price

I have a lot of dark grey and black blazers which I cannot wear with my black dresses so I thought this would be a perfect addition to my closet.  Not that I need any more clothes, as you can see here.

A nice bright color looking skirt


$39 is the sale price

Okay the blazer is a way better deal than this skirt, but what the heck, I need some color and I figured that I can still wear this skirt in the fall with a pair of brown boots.

I also went out to replace my runners as I have been running quite a bit this month and my knees are getting sore (I suppose that is a sign that my running shoes are at the end of its life).

Nike Free Run 4.0 Running Shoes Dark Grey Pink

$60.00 from the outlet

Review of August:

With all the money I spent on food and dining out with my sisters, I needed to AT LEAST take some pictures of it.

BRUNCH: at the Twisted Fork in Vancouver:  The best thing I had there were their SCONES and JAM.  It was worth it! (I’d go back JUST for their scones and jam… Hands down)

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

KOREAN FOOD: Seafood Pizza, Grilled Beef and Chap Chea at Jang Mo Jib 

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)  photo 4 (2)


VIETNAMESE FOOD: at Phnom Penh – very yummy place in Vancouver.  My two staples: Deep fried chicken and butter beef:

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

CHINESE FOOD: Crab and Lobster – we had other veggie dishes, but Crab and Lobster were our main dishes 🙂

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)


DESSERT: Earnest Ice-cream: Absolute fav: Whiskey Hazelnut and Earl Grey

photo 3 (2)


There is my month!  As you can see, Vancouver is quite multi-cultural in terms of food.  I guess September will be a Japanese and Indian food month. 🙂

Nom nom nom….I pretty much packed on all the calories I lost from running. Now that I think about it, I am GLAD I ran 5 days a week and I still managed to lose 2 pounds!

How was your August? 

~The Money Pincher~ 


One thought on “Update: August 2014 Budget and Goals

  1. That japjae looks AMAZING. Looks like you had a very delicious August!

    Spending in August was very good– I met my goal of spending less than 2K despite three vacations this month. Here’s to hoping I can maintain it in September. Exercise wise I’ve been on fire with four work outs a week. Including three days running on the beach!


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