EARLY….Early….Christmas Shopping


Yup! That’s right! Early Christmas shopping.    I know it’s only September, but Christmas is coming up and I always like to shop for Christmas presents throughout the year.

To save money during Christmas, I usually keep my eye out for useful gifts throughout the year that goes on sale.

For example: I just bought the Bodum Coffee set below for $20.00 (original was $44)


A mini 3-cup Bodum was also on sale for $9.99 (original $24.99), so I also bought one:


I may buy a couple more to give it to my in-laws as their Christmas gifts this year.  Bright and Cheery for the dreary winter rainy months… Why not? 🙂

I also saved ALL my Presidents’ Choice points to buy a BUNCH of $10 Starbucks gift cards to include in the tins of cookies I bake for my friends each year as Christmas gifts.

That’s pretty much how I TRY to save money during Christmas.

How about you?  How early do you start shopping for Christmas presents?  Do you also buy when you see things on sale? 


6 thoughts on “EARLY….Early….Christmas Shopping

  1. See, there’s a very important progression I have for the fall/winter. It goes: birthday, Halloween, stuffing my face with turkey, and then two days before Christmas half-assedly trying to figure out whether I should buy my mother yet another shawl, blanket, or Slankie/Blinket/whatever those weird sweater blanket things are called.

    It is, in fact, the only way for me to remain sane when it comes to holiday shopping.


  2. Why not Christmas shop in July? The “holiday creep” is getting earlier and earlier every year with more “sales” occurring and as a result more people having to work on days that were previously off. Guess we all know where our consumer priorities are. Thanks for sharing.


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