TGIFRIDAY – Spreading the Love

540f679d12141481ed468a94a3eb539eI am so glad this week is almost over.  Work has been pretty hectic and I am going crossed eye from looking at my computer monitor without blinking.

I haven’t ran at all this week because I felt pretty crummy and stressed out.  I’ve also stuffed my face with a LOT of chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (these things appear around work when things get stressful).

On a good note, I did go to a Yoga class (my first Yin class ever) for the first time since last October.  It felt SOOOO GOOD to stretch out those hip muscles, gluts and hamstrings especially with all the running I had been doing last month!

Here are some great reads for the upcoming weekend:

How Far Can an Extra $40 Per Month Go? by Sarah at Add-Vodka

  • I really like the idea of snagging up the Apple Watch by saving $40 for the next year! I love this post because it shows that no matter how little you save a month, it still makes a difference over time!

Hawaii, I’m Coming for You! by Krystal at Give Me Back My Five bucks

  • I love Hawaii! I have been to Honolulu, Kona and Maui, but I have never been to Kauai.  Once I saw this post, I went on Expedia to look at the cost of going to Honolulu or Kauai in January 2015 and I saw that for $829 CAD (taxes included), I could go to Honolulu for 7 days (flight and accommodations included).    I can also use my travel points for it and travel for free!  Tempting! Very Tempting!

5 Things I’ll Never Skimp Out on by Gimme Please

  • So true!  For me,  I will never skimp out on boots or shoes and registered massage therapists.

How to Manage Money with Your Freelancing Partner by Jessica at Mo Money Mo Houses

  • I love to read about how couples manage their finances together.  I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all”.  Every couple is different and I agree with Jessica that it takes a lot of communication to make everything work out.

The Cost of Convenience by Barefoot Budgeter

  • I am guilty of: pre-packaged food, take out, buying morning decaf coffee, downloading books to my iPad.   I think mostly the spending goes to take-out and pre-packaged foods.  We do own two cars, but that’s just the way the Husband is wired, he will N.E.V.E.R. share his car with me – that’s one thing I will not be able to take away from him (boys and their car ~ sheesh)

If you want a good laugh, head over to Pinning Away Funnies by Asian Pear

Congratulations to Revanche at A Gai Shan’s Life : A Step Toward Parenthood


~The Money Pincher~




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