When Carelessness Costs You Money….


I am a careless person and no matter how I TRY NOT to be careless, things….. “just happens” and it cost me quite a few pretty pennies.

Let see:

My Car:


In 2008, I backed up into a car because I didn’t check my rear-view mirror before backing up.  I was a at a stop sign and my car was sticking too far out, so I wanted to back up my car.

Cost: $500

In 2009, I rear-ended someone because I was not paying attention to the car in front of me.   I saw the light turned green and stepped on my gas, not noticing that the car in front of me didn’t move YET.

Cost: $5,000

In 2010, I backed into a parking stall where someone left their shopping cart, YES, THEIR SHOPPING CART, in the parking stall and I backed up right into the cart and the cart put a dent on my hatchback trunk.   I REALLY didn’t see the cart because the cart was not visible to any of my mirrors.

Cost: $500

In 2014, a couple days ago, I parked my car too far out and the garage door closed onto my car bumper.  I pulled my car forward and scratched the paint off my bumper.   So far I just bought a touch up paint pen – which didn’t seem to work.  I got a quote from a few body shops and the cost ranges from $700 – $900.  OUCH.  I might leave this scratch since it will probably not rust because the bumper is plastic.

Cost: $15 (so far)

My Iphone:

I did it AGAIN!

In  January 2011, I dropped my Iphone on the ground and my screen got smashed.    I went to the Apple Store and they fixed it for me.

Cost: $110 


In January 2012, I dropped my Iphone AGAIN, and this time, I paid for a Refurbished Iphone 3GS instead of the $110 to get it fix.  I now have an iPhone 5 and 2012 doesn’t sound TOOO long ago.

Cost: $169


REALLY!??!!!! SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS????!!!!  You’d think after spending all this money, I would be more careful….sigh….

There! That’s all the costly careless things I have done that I remembered.    Having an extra $6,294.00 sitting in my bank would be nice…….think of all the things I could have done with that extra money!  That’s like an emergency fund itself!  Or if I had dumped that $5,000 into savings back in 2009 (right after the market crashed in 2008), I think I could have doubled my money by now.

Did you have any costly careless mistakes? How much would have saved if you were more careful?


16 thoughts on “When Carelessness Costs You Money….

  1. I have cut through several extension cords while trimming our bushes. This has happened more times then I should probably admit. It’s not too costly ($20-$30 each time), but I keep doing it. The silver lining is that my husband just does it now – he’s much better about not slicing through the cords :).


  2. I accidentally dropped a book on my big toe once. I had to go see the podiatrist which cost $80. That’s $80 I could have saved by being more careful. Life is a lesson. The trick is to find out what it’s trying to teach you 🙂


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  4. I usually take physical wear and tear. Just last night I nearly ate parking lot pavement because I didn’t quite see the parking block thingie and caught my toe on it.

    But the number of times Mom blew tires on my car because she refused to stop driving til long after it was really hard for her to do it safely …. !!! I try not to think about that money 🙂 I also try not to think about how much better my phone would probably work if I stopped dropping it, great case notwithstanding.

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  5. God tell me about it!!! IPhone’s smashing is the bane of my life. We have a few independent stores in London that can fix the screen at a snippet of the price (£30) maybe see if you have any of those close to you.

    Carelessness is why I desperately need an emergency fund!

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  6. Ouch, I guess you paid out of pocket for repairs instead of insurance? Accidents happen. I backed into someone before, smack! No damage. Some guy rear ended me, pretty loud bang… Again no real damage. I got a good bumper luckily.


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