First world problems


I would moan and groan to one of my friend sometimes about things not going the right way or couldn’t make a decision on what to buy.    She would then turn to me and say:  “ah,  sounds like you are having first world problem eh?”

Things came into perspective once she said that to me.   All the things that I moaned and groaned about seemed so silly. 


I do complain my iPhone is too slow and I also complain not being able to buy a newer and faster one.  Or for others, it may be the decision of whether to get an iPhone or a Samsung – and the struggle goes on.

In retrospect, my complaints about the slowness of my phone, the internet, my laptop, does sound quite silly and whiny.

I was so annoyed at my neighbor who accidentally cut our cable and internet line while they are building their new house.  When I calmed down and thought about it, it really is NOT that big of a deal.  A lot of people does not have TV or internet and they are just fine.  Me = spoiled.


In the first world country, water seems abundant: water guns, water balloons, slip and slides, swimming pool.     We use water quite wastefully and I am guilty of it too.  I am one of those who would leave the facet on while I brush my teeth (I have changed my habits now so I do turn it off while I brush).


I can’t believe how many times I have done this.  I have to say it’s pure laziness on my part and I really shouldn’t complain given that there are many many MANY people who go to bed hungry all the time.


I think the biggest blunder I have is the “I can’t decide” syndrome.  I am given so many choices in the first world country to choose from: food, shelter, drinks, shoes, bags, clothes, jobs, and the list goes on.

Every time I couldn’t decide: Oh, what shoes should I buy?  What dress should I get?  What car should I buy?  Is that a good deal?  What phone plan should I go on?

I would be stressed over it.  I would get so worked up by all these choices and don’t realize how lucky I am to even have these choices.

At the end of the day, I really didn’t need to stress over it.  Why?

If I am able to stress over what I need to buy or get, then that means I pretty much have all the necessities of life covered = I  have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and some money in the bank.

If I don’t have a roof over my head or if I need to scrounge around for food scrapes, then I won’t even have the TIME to even stress over these choices because I won’t even have a chance to.

 Once I am able to step back and think about it, there isn’t much that I need to stress over.


Any first world problem you see yourself moaning and groaning about?

~The Money Pincher~


9 thoughts on “First world problems

  1. When I can’t find my cordless mouse for the spare computer attached to the big screen tv and I have to tab my way through a website to stream a reality television show.

    That’s gotta be the biggest first world problem I’ve got.


  2. I want to upgrade to a smart phone pretty soon. But I’m not sure if I should go with an iPhone or an Android. Reflecting on these first world problems really puts things into perspective 🙂 Here are some other ones people might run into.

    *My wallet won’t close 😦 … there’s too much money in it.
    *I don’t qualify for any tax credits from the government because I’m not in the lowest income tax bracket anymore.
    *I want to buy something from a vending machine.. but all I have is a $50 😦
    *Bought a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago. Now they’re 50% off 😦
    *I have too many investment accounts. It takes too long to calculate my net worth 😦


  3. Thanks for the reality check. Here are mine:

    – I’m too busy to do my laundry, so I just take more clothes out of my closet. – How many in the world own only one set of clothes?
    – I’m too tired to cook, so I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner – Who has not even that to eat at supper?
    – The hydro goes out and I’m annoyed because the internet and TV don’t work – but I’ve got loads of books, I could be reading instead.


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