Loving the Weekend Edition


This week seem to have just zipped by.   The only time I was home was to sleep.   Work has slowed down a bit, but the upcoming charity event is taking a chunk of my time after work.   The husband has been really sweet in packing lunch for me to take to work so I don’t need to keep eating out.  However, on Thursday night, when I got home, I found him lying in bed and told me that he threw his back. 😦 

It was pretty late by the time I got home and we ran out of robaxin so he just took some advil and went to sleep.  The next morning, I woke up at 6 am to go to Save on Foods to pick up some robaxin (closest to my house) and realized that they locked up the drug!  I thought it was an over the counter medication since they are in the same section as advil and tylenol.  Apparently a pharmacist has to be onsite in order to sell the drug.  😦   Thankfully I got a phone with data and was able to find a close by 24 hour pharmacy.

Anyway, I finally have some time to just sit back and relax a bit and catch up to some of the TV shows that I have been wanting to watch:

  1. Survivor: Blood vs. Water
  2. Madam Secretary
  3. Scorpian

Only watched the first episodes of the above three shows and I am LOVING it! 😀

Any new shows you are watching so far? 

~The Money Pincher ~


4 thoughts on “Loving the Weekend Edition

  1. I’m a creature of habit. I watch what I know. heh. Sorry, no “new shows” for me. However, if you aren’t watching, I strongly suggest you watch Top Chef. The newest season will be starting soon. The show always makes me drool. *slurp*


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