First Investment Encounter


Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and went to TD bank and switched my TFSA mutual funds to a TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I also transferred a portion of the money in my Tangerine TFSA high interest account ($10,000) into my TD TFSA savings account so that I can use it to invest in stocks or other mutual funds in my TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I left about $5000 in the Tangerine TFSA account so that I can access it quickly if I ever need it.

The reason I transferred a portion of the TFSA money sitting in my Tangerine account is because I am not making much interest by letting my money sit in there.   I need to learn how to grow my money through investing rather than just letting it sit in a high interest savings account.

This will be my first baby step in venturing towards buying stocks.  I will be visiting TD bank again this coming weekend, the person who was helping me set it up my TFSA TD Direct Investing account as super nice and will show me how to use it.  I will also use this opportunity to ask him about setting up the TD e-series funds as well.

As for my 2015 TFSA contributions, I might open a TFSA Questrade account and try that out.   BUT First things first, I think I will give the TD Direct Investing a try and see how I like it.  I will try Questrade in January when I am more familiar with trading and stocks.

How did you start trading stocks/ investing?  Was it a nerve wracking experience?  What kind of questions do you usually ask?    

~The Money Pincher~

**This is not a sponsor post at all… I am just sharing my experience I have with TD and what I have decided to do.  🙂


4 thoughts on “First Investment Encounter

  1. I just opened a TD Eseries as well last week (TFSA). I opened an RSP version earlier this year. Most branch employees don’t know much about this since it’s through TD Direct Investing, so I usually just call TD and ask for an ESeries advisor.

    To open the account, I first had to open a RSP/TFSA mutual fund at a branch (I didn’t have any prior account with TD) then mail an “eseries conversion form”. Days later, it should be converted then you’d be able to purchase eseries mutual funds online.

    I’ve been meaning to blog about this process as well but never got a chance to yet.

    Best of luck to the both of us on our Eseries investments! 🙂


  2. Welcome to the world of self directed investing 🙂 I was nervous when I started but quickly got use to managing my own investments. Some people are scared to get started because they don’t feel like they know enough to just dive in. But remember that ordinary people let fear stop them from being proactive, but rich people act in spite of fear 😉 That’s why they get all the good opportunities.


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