September Review: What I Ate, Watched & Bought

Goals Review

I have incorporated my inheritance into my networth this month, so I’ll calculate how much my net worth increase next month.  Since I haven’t made any changes to my TFSA mutual funds and RRSP yet this month, here is how it did.

Current Net Worth: $376,137.69 (includes approx. value of property + pension)

TFSA Mutual Funds: -1.12%

RRSP: -1.17%

Though I set some simple goals in September, I pretty much failed all of them.  One positive thing I managed to accomplish is to start teaching piano again.   One is better then none, no?


  1. Save 25% of my income this month: This may be tough, but doable as I have another wedding to attend this month and I will be gifting $500 cash.  Yup! That’s because it’s the same amount I received from this couple for my wedding last year.
    • FAILED: I spent all my income.  😦  I only have an increase in net worth because we transferred some estate money into our accounts.  From this month onwards, I am including the money I received from my inheritance into my net worth.  My visit to the bank made me realize that I’ll need to include it in my net worth anyways.
  2. Exercise 3 times a week:I was running 5 days a week last month and since the weather is getting worse, I think I can still put in 3 runs a week.
    • FAILED: I only managed to go to Yoga once a week
  3. No Buying:Any clothes, shoes or bags whatsoever this month.  I want to start a shopping ban, but I think easing it into month by month will be easier! 😀
    •  FAILED: Malls are a dangerous place, I went back to have a security tag removed from a shirt I bought a couple months back (end of the winter season sale), it is now the season to wear it and I realized the security tag is still on.
  4. Clear out 1 room at my parent’s place
    •  DONE: it’s the least I can do.  We cleared it out, only to put some stuff back in to reorganize other rooms.

I have also started taking some baby steps into buying stocks.  Hopefully I can give an update in October ! 🙂

Sept 2014 Expenses

Click to Enlarge

Biggest expenses this month are:

  • Wedding gift
  • Gifts
  • Clothes
  • Groceries – we stocked up on groceries this month as we have cleared out our freezer.   The past couple months, our grocery bill was just as high because we were hosting quite a few barbecues at our house.  We provide the meat and veggies and our friends provide appetizers and desserts.
  • Dining Out – I ate out a lot, especially dinners during the weekdays and some weekends.  Luckily I am still bringing lunches to work so I saved a bit of $$ there.
  • The baby stuff is actually stuff I m getting for my friend, I am going to be a godmother!

Remember I tried to go on a Cash Diet earlier this month hopes to curb my spending?  I conclude that – using Cash DOES NOT make me spend less.  I was using cash for all my purchase (that is not related to my husband), and before I know, cash is gone!   What do I do?  I replenish the cash!  I also found that it was super hard to keep track of what I spent on – trying to rack my brain to figure out what happened.

This month, I have also started a side business.  I do not think I will be getting much significant income this year, but we will see, you never know.

This month, our garden is still providing us with yummy vegetables!  The Husband also caught more fishes, so food is abundant in my household.   We’ve also got an abundance of plums from our fruit tree!



Squash + Zucchini from the Garden!


Fresh plums from the trees











Country Meadows – The Grille (Richmond)  – Salmon Naan burger with yam fries:


 The Dockside (Granville Island):  The year is almost up and I am trying to use as much Entertainment coupon as I can whenever a friend wants to go out to eat.


Ling Cod


Seafood Pasta










Ousi Bistro (South Granville):  The husband tried the gator meat.  I absolutely refused!  (We also went here due to the Entertainment coupon).




I watched the move purely because I read all the books.  I thought the books were “meh/ okay”.  Actually I was more annoyed at the books because I couldn’t figure out what was happening.  Now I finished the books, I still have no idea what happened.  Anyway, did anyone watch the movie too?  What did you think?


The Husband and I watched it one night because our lovely neighbors (who happens to be building a new house) accidentally cut our cable and internet.  We were without cable and internet for 5 days.  It was a loooong… five days – it also shows how dependent I am on the internet and how dependent my husband is to his cable.

I liked this movie, sort of, it’s mostly for kids.  An interesting observations made by the husband while we were watching the movie:  we noticed the phrase “one  year later” was written on the screen, but it is a children’s movie.  What if the kids can’t read?  How would they know it reads “One Year Later”?

images (1)

If you want some laughs, this is a movie to watch.  It’s not super funny, but there’s a few laughs here and there and some cheesy moments.

SO What Made me Cave this month? 

4112595374012_049_b 2386.10887.8257.031 2751.10887.7248.041

Red tulip wrap skirt

Similar in Coral and Ankle Length

It was tough to pass on the maxi dress for $29.99.  I bought it so I can wear it through autumn and probably spring and summer next year.

How was your September? 

~The Money Pincher~


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