TD Direct Investing Account Recap


Last week, I talked about my first investment encounter.  I finally switched my TFSA mutual funds account into a TFSA Direct Investing Account.

This past weekend, I met with the TD bank again to show me how to use my TD Direct Investing Account.   I also wanted to ask to see if I can set my account to purchase TD e-series mutual funds. 

To my surprise, my TD Investing Account already allows me to purchase the TD e-series mutual funds, so I don’t need to fax in my application form at all!

However, I was warned that if I were to buy the TD e-series mutual fund, I need to wait 90 days before I can sell it.

After walking through on how to buy and sell stocks and mutual funds, I was quite impressed by the tools that are offered through the TFSA Direct Investing Account.  I can do my market research while I am logged in and check out if it’s a “recommended buy ” or not.    In addition, f I like the stock that I am researching on, I can just buy it from there instead of going back out to my home screen.

For those who have a TD TFSA Direct Investing Account or equivalent, do you usually buy from the “recommendation” or do you just watch the stock you are interested in?

I am still waiting for my TFSA funds from my tangerine account to be transferred to TD TFSA before I can start investing in stocks.   In the meantime, I will monitoring the stocks I want to buy and see how that goes! 🙂

~The Money Pimcher ~


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