October Recap: Side Business, Money and Car Accident

Oh boy oh boy… I can’t believe time flew by so quickly.

I have neglected blogging the past month as I was overwhelmed with all the work I was doing for last month’s charity event.  I am happy to say that the turnout was successful and now that it’s over, I am super relieved!

Current Networth: +0.23%

TFSA Mutual Funds: +0.45%

RRSP: +1.68%

Due to all the craziness that happened last month, I have to admit that I was not on top of tracking my spending.  However, I do know that one of my largest expenses last month was my entrance fee of $1,005.00 to further my education.  It will be my second attempt to enter into this Masters program.  My first attempt was 3 years ago and I was rejected.  I will see what will happen next year!

There were a couple of things that happened while I was away last month:


I am happy that the transfer of funds from my ING TFSA to TD TFSA Direct Investing Account has been completed.  Though I missed out on purchasing mutual funds last month when the markets wasn’t do so well, I guess I will wait a while and see what happens.

Car accident:

I was also in a car accident last month.  I am glad I wasn’t injured.  I think I pulled my neck muscle a bit, but it’ll be fine after a couple of massages.   However, there is about $6500 damage to my car – all cosmetic – so much for my accident free record on my car, sigh.

So what happened?

Well… I was stopped at a red light beside a construction site and all of a sudden, the fence of the construction site fell onto my car.  Luckily I had rain guard on my windows so the fence rested on that instead of shattering my window.   At first, I thought things were just tumbling on top of my car.   It wasn’t until I got out of my car when I realized that it was another car that crashed into the construction site from the back and cause the fence to tumble onto my car.  Needless to say, I was quite shocked and scared.  Thankfully the police arrived and took all the information down for me.

Portland trip:

My husband and I took advantage of taking a day off from work on Nov 10 to have a 4 day weekend to go down to Portland.   It was my first time there and it definitely reminded me of Vancouver when it was less busy.    I’ll post more about this trip later.

 Side Business:

I have decided with my two sisters to continue our parent’s business as our side business.  I am feeling a bit “antsy” about this because I am not familiar with the business.  Though my skills are transferable, I am still new in the field.   I am sure we will make mistakes, but I guess that’s the way we need to learn.

Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that deal with SEO/ Internet marketing and the pricing?  

I’ve only blogged via Blogger and WordPress so I never really dealt with any SEO / Internet marketing.

~The Money Pincher~


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