TD Direct Investing Account Recap


Last week, I talked about my first investment encounter.  I finally switched my TFSA mutual funds account into a TFSA Direct Investing Account.

This past weekend, I met with the TD bank again to show me how to use my TD Direct Investing Account.   I also wanted to ask to see if I can set my account to purchase TD e-series mutual funds.  Continue reading


First Investment Encounter


Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and went to TD bank and switched my TFSA mutual funds to a TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I also transferred a portion of the money in my Tangerine TFSA high interest account ($10,000) into my TD TFSA savings account so that I can use it to invest in stocks or other mutual funds in my TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I left about $5000 in the Tangerine TFSA account so that I can access it quickly if I ever need it. Continue reading