Loving the Weekend Edition


This week seem to have just zipped by.   The only time I was home was to sleep.   Work has slowed down a bit, but the upcoming charity event is taking a chunk of my time after work.   The husband has been really sweet in packing lunch for me to take to work so I don’t need to keep eating out.  However, on Thursday night, when I got home, I found him lying in bed and told me that he threw his back. 😦  Continue reading


First world problems


I would moan and groan to one of my friend sometimes about things not going the right way or couldn’t make a decision on what to buy.    She would then turn to me and say:  “ah,  sounds like you are having first world problem eh?”

Things came into perspective once she said that to me.   All the things that I moaned and groaned about seemed so silly.  Continue reading