When Carelessness Costs You Money….


I am a careless person and no matter how I TRY NOT to be careless, things….. “just happens” and it cost me quite a few pretty pennies. Continue reading


EARLY….Early….Christmas Shopping


Yup! That’s right! Early Christmas shopping.    I know it’s only September, but Christmas is coming up and I always like to shop for Christmas presents throughout the year.

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On A Cash Diet?


Due to a wedding and a birthday that I will be attending this month, it will get quite pricey for me.   I know it is way easier to spend using credit card, so I want  see if I spend any differently if I know I ONLY have $200 cash in my wallet + joint credit card I have with the Husband for our household expenses (I have my own credit card for expenses that I incur myself so that will be put aside).

 This month, instead of paying my discretionary expenses with my credit card, I am going to go on a CASH.   I will GIVE UP that 1% cash back reward to try out this experiment.

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Buy New or Used for Baby Things



A close friend of mine just recently got pregnant.  I went to look at some baby things with her and I was shocked…SHOCKED… at the cost of baby things such as strollers and cribs.   Boy, when I looked at those items, I swear, they are like the Transformers:

Look at how Bumblebee Transforms:


Bumblebee Transforms

Now look at how the crib transforms:

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My 2014 Spending Spree

Update:  Here is the what I have spent on each category since January 2014.  Though I was away from the blogosphere, I still kept up with tracking the money I spent.   I looked at my expenses the past couple of months and I was over spending instead of saving.

From January till now:

  1. I have only managed to save 4% of my income.   I also have 12% saved towards my Pension – the money I don’t get to see until I retire and it is automatically deducted from my paycheque.
  2. I have spent 13% of my income on clothes (stuff I don’t really need, I actually ran out of space in my closet and I went out to buy a Malm Dresser from Ikea)
  3. Due to my hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to pack lunch and dinner for the days where I have evening classes, so I end up eating out at least two nights a week = 11% of my income went to eating out at restaurants
  4. Transportation ate up 10% of my income.  This  includes both gas and parking.  Since my classes were in downtown at 5:30 (I work outside of downtown and I get off work at 5 pm), in order to make it to the class, I have to drive and park in downtown.

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