First world problems


I would moan and groan to one of my friend sometimes about things not going the right way or couldn’t make a decision on what to buy.    She would then turn to me and say:  “ah,  sounds like you are having first world problem eh?”

Things came into perspective once she said that to me.   All the things that I moaned and groaned about seemed so silly.  Continue reading


Money Trickling In….and Siblings

Over the weekend, my siblings and I bit the bullet and moved most of the money from our father’s estate account into our own accounts.  We set up a joint account to pay for all the expenses we incur from keeping the house.

It cost about $12,000 a year to maintain a house in the Greater Vancouver area.  This includes paying property tax, house insurance, alarm monitoring system, lawn maintenance, electricity and gas.  Continue reading

Benefits of Life Insurance

Day 21 - 22: Life Insurance My 30 Day Spending Detox

I bought my first life insurance policy when I was 26 years old.   I bought it at the time because my mom was on a very expensive medication for her terminal illness ($3,000 CAD a month).  Health care did not cover the cost of the medication.    I was worried that if something happened to me, they will, at least, have the money to cover the cost of her medication.

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TGIFRIDAY – Spreading the Love

540f679d12141481ed468a94a3eb539eI am so glad this week is almost over.  Work has been pretty hectic and I am going crossed eye from looking at my computer monitor without blinking.

I haven’t ran at all this week because I felt pretty crummy and stressed out.  I’ve also stuffed my face with a LOT of chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (these things appear around work when things get stressful).

On a good note, I did go to a Yoga class (my first Yin class ever) for the first time since last October.  It felt SOOOO GOOD to stretch out those hip muscles, gluts and hamstrings especially with all the running I had been doing last month!

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