About Me

I am a young professional in my early 30s living in Vancouver, BC.   I love saving AND spending money.  I try to keep a good balance between spending and saving.    I also love eating, cooking, shopping, traveling and reading good books.     I did make a couple financial boo boos in my early 20s:

  • Getting into a car accident and paid $5K out of my own pocket to prevent my car insurance from skyrocketing
  • Took over a $560 monthly car lease for 18 months (NEVER. DOING. IT. AGAIN!) – I pretty much spent about $1000 each month on my car for gas and parking

About Blog:

Four years ago, in 2010,  I started this blog in my 20s hoping to put myself on track to be more financially savvy and to save lots and lots of money.  My goal was to save $10,000 in Emergency Fund and $15,000 Education Fund

Four years later, I am no longer in my 20s (and of course 4 years wiser),  you can say life threw me some curve balls.   I am happily married now and have a much more stable job with great benefits, which of course, comes with a pension.    With happiness, there’s always some sadness.  Both my parents passed away within 2 years of each other and it has been a hard journey.  I blogged about my mom’s sickness and death in 2011 and received tremendous support from the PF community.    Thank you!

I am back into blogging and would like to share my experience in handling the money I earn through my job as well as money inherited from my parents and of course, little bits and pieces of things that happens in life… generally.

Money Pincher ~



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