Travel: Korea

In April, the Husband and I went to Korea as part of our honeymoon trip.  Due to the language barrier, we opt to join a 6 Day 5 Night tour for $299 + tax.  The tour includes all the food and hotel, but it doesn’t include flight.

Our tour included going to:

  • Namisum Island
  • DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
  • Mount Seoraksan National Park
  • Royal Palace
  • Blue House
  • Kimchi Tour
  • Lotte World
  • Myeong-Dong
  • Seoul Tower

When enter Korea, the immigration took our pictures and fingerprints.  I wasn’t sure if our tour guide was joking or not, but she told us that the reason why Korea took people’s fingerprints was due to plastic surgery.  She said that Korea is very famous for plastic surgery, so when people leave the country, they want to make sure that it is the same person that entered the country, so they need to take both the picture and the fingerprints to verify people’s identity.  I guess that makes sense?

Anyway, onto my Korea trip and pictures:

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Recovering Costs of an Unexpected Trip Cancellation


Last year we had to unexpectedly cancel our honeymoon trip to Hong Kong and Singapore due to my father’s death.  Luckily we used our Capital One credit card which had trip cancellation insurance to book our airfare and hotels.

Costs that I tried to recover:

  • Airfare to Hong Kong: $2,212.32 – Provided credit by the airline for future use
  • Hotel in Hong Kong; $784.54 – Hotwire refunded the amount to my credit card
  • Airfare and Hotel in Singapore: $1,504.00 – Claimed through credit card insurance
  • Hotel in Hong Kong: $297.58  – Claimed through credit card insurance

Things to do and expect when trying to recover cost of an unexpected trip cancellation:

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