October Recap: Side Business, Money and Car Accident

Oh boy oh boy… I can’t believe time flew by so quickly.

I have neglected blogging the past month as I was overwhelmed with all the work I was doing for last month’s charity event.  I am happy to say that the turnout was successful and now that it’s over, I am super relieved!

Current Networth: +0.23%

TFSA Mutual Funds: +0.45%

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September Review: What I Ate, Watched & Bought

Goals Review

I have incorporated my inheritance into my networth this month, so I’ll calculate how much my net worth increase next month.  Since I haven’t made any changes to my TFSA mutual funds and RRSP yet this month, here is how it did.

Current Net Worth: $376,137.69 (includes approx. value of property + pension)

TFSA Mutual Funds: -1.12%

RRSP: -1.17%

Though I set some simple goals in September, I pretty much failed all of them.  One positive thing I managed to accomplish is to start teaching piano again.   One is better then none, no?

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