First Investment Encounter


Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and went to TD bank and switched my TFSA mutual funds to a TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I also transferred a portion of the money in my Tangerine TFSA high interest account ($10,000) into my TD TFSA savings account so that I can use it to invest in stocks or other mutual funds in my TFSA TD Direct Investing account.   I left about $5000 in the Tangerine TFSA account so that I can access it quickly if I ever need it. Continue reading


On A Cash Diet?


Due to a wedding and a birthday that I will be attending this month, it will get quite pricey for me.   I know it is way easier to spend using credit card, so I want  see if I spend any differently if I know I ONLY have $200 cash in my wallet + joint credit card I have with the Husband for our household expenses (I have my own credit card for expenses that I incur myself so that will be put aside).

 This month, instead of paying my discretionary expenses with my credit card, I am going to go on a CASH.   I will GIVE UP that 1% cash back reward to try out this experiment.

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What would you do with inherited property?


I have inherited 1/3 of my parent’s property and my siblings and I are debating what we want to do with it.   The house is situated in a sought after neighbourhood on a hill with a park across the back lane (no houses behind our house!).  The house was built in the 1960s and has not been renovated much.  Everything was original: oak kitchen cabinets, tiled kitchen floors, hardwood floors and copper piping.   Our dad just installed a new roof and a new boiler last year.

With the real estate market being so hot in Vancouver now, I am guessing the house could easily sell for $900K even though it needs a bit of updating.   After all the real estate fees and etc., I am guessing we would each have about $250K in our pockets, if we were to sell it as is.

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Recovering Costs of an Unexpected Trip Cancellation


Last year we had to unexpectedly cancel our honeymoon trip to Hong Kong and Singapore due to my father’s death.  Luckily we used our Capital One credit card which had trip cancellation insurance to book our airfare and hotels.

Costs that I tried to recover:

  • Airfare to Hong Kong: $2,212.32 – Provided credit by the airline for future use
  • Hotel in Hong Kong; $784.54 – Hotwire refunded the amount to my credit card
  • Airfare and Hotel in Singapore: $1,504.00 – Claimed through credit card insurance
  • Hotel in Hong Kong: $297.58  – Claimed through credit card insurance

Things to do and expect when trying to recover cost of an unexpected trip cancellation:

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